So your computer does not matter- servers do!

Well, able to play like butter no issues 6 hours ago. Now tonight at 11 EST the game turned into a slideshow with all the new 10 update players. So this game is 100% dependent on external servers and not your system. When we see poor performance, we cannot just tweak our systems like the past, you are a slave to servers first. You would think Microsoft could adapt given the Azure architecture under this.


I agree a lot of it is server side. I’ve seen these patterns on Series X as well. My first hour in SU10 this morning was nothing like the excellent maxed out performance I had experienced in the beta for the past month+, however as the day went on, it began to run as smooth as ever. Maybe things just need to settle and “break in”, but as of now it’s running superb for me at least.


It seems like there is poor performance for a day or two after every update while so many people are downloading everything. It’s a pain that we have to rely on streaming data, but there is no way this all would be possible any other way.


Believe me, Microsoft would adapt if they could.
But even Microsoft is hit by silicium shortage.

True, it utterly ruins the experience. My most recent flight showed terrain that looked like it came from FS2004. I quit my A320neo flight halfway through.

My friends ask why I bother with that other sim when MSFS looks so good. Well its because I can keep a complete sim held locally on the drive without being dependent on servers.

Veteran FS9 and FSX users will remember “the blurries” , well they are back (when the servers struggle)!

I understand that streaming this data is the only way to make this game possible, and that it is a fantastic technical achievement. Its just that when it creaks - it shows.


We should have the option to fly offline with AI aircraft instead of the cloud connection going down and auto switching to offline.

Is this with DX11 or DX12?

But you can as far as I’m aware - ‘Data’ ‘Data Connection’ ‘Online Functionality’ = ‘Off’, though I’m not sure about AI aircraft…

…yup ‘Traffic’ ‘Aviation Traffic’ ‘Aircraft Traffic Type’ = ‘AI Offline’

Oh sorry I guess I never noticed it or paid attention. Good looking out.

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TBH I’d forgotten about it - I cannot be sure how good the AI traffic is either (I wondered if the ‘AI’ traffic I saw came from one of my mods)

It would be nice to be able to see how much of your Rolling Cache is actually being used. I have a ton of NVMe storage available and can have a huge Cache, but really not sure how and if it’s used.

This topic have come up many times and some people seem to think that it’s not worth using and run with out it.

I don’t recall what size I’m using but it’s a decent size and if I knew that it really helped, I would actually make it much bigger.

If I recall correctly the RC “notes where you fly” and if you fly in that area again - there is no need for the game to stream that data as the world data for that area is saved on the users drive.

I guess for those gamers who fly in a particular area a LOT this will be beneficial and the disk space taken up will be worth it for them. But even then many have fast internet connections so how much this matters I dont know.

I dont use it at all.

Can confirm this, it’s server issue, I live in Europe and when I start the sim on morning or daytime anytime before 6pm or 7pm don’t know exactly the performance is terrible, when I fly on evenings the performance is amazing like 10 to 15fps more I hope they sort it out

I know what it’s suppose to do, but not sure that it does what it claims. I have my RC on a separate drive, and I can fly around NYC, which you would think it would use it a lot, and I don’t see any activity to that drive the Task Manager.

That’s why it would be nice to be able to see how much of what you have allocated is actually used and some stats, such as reads and writes to the Rolling Cache.

Servers were the Ghost in the room for me. They’ve gotten better somehow and most of the issues I was having was related to that. I’ve tried both on and off, upped it to 16gb, and see no difference. I leave it on at default 8gb for what it’s worth. But yea, hopefully someone will chime in with a explanation. I was thinking it helped with a slow I-net connection, hence maybe why I don’t see a difference because my I-net service is stellar. Great question though. Curious myself

I have mine set to 64GB on an NVMe drive what windows drive, without paging or anything on it. Today I did fly around JFK and I did see some activity on it. Maybe on SU10, it’s working better.

I get great performance in the area and can looking around a see no culling. I will fly around again and this lime look at the resource manager to see if it is indeed using the cache, but I think is now is.

You could grab the free Microsoft Systernals Suite which come with a bunch of useful utilities. If I recall - amongst the collection them is a Disk Monitor which show read/writes in real time.

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