Solution for CTD's found (post update 5 & hotfix)

as i said on another post, hyper thrending is always disabled on my computer as it is not supported by most games and most often causes a loss of performance.
I turned it on again to test SU5, and I didn’t even take off once because I had so much CTD, so I turned it off again, and since then I’ve done several 2 hour flights, I haven’t had any, CTD, just one on the home page when zooming in the map. For the installation, I just deleted the comunauty folder and that’s it, nothing else. I don’t know if this will be a solution for you, but it’s worth a try, if sometimes it can help you out while waiting for fixes.

same here, when i had 1.18.13; it was having CTD’s like crazy; so i loaded my pc without OC; everything was normal settings, i did not even put XMP and viola all was fine; i was able to fly a few flights.

but now with 1.18.14; it was more stable and i even put back with OC; my CTD’s was less than usual. of 10 flights I had one as i was approaching SFO.

my fps was way better than before, i was able to land at JFK without stutter or any lag.

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Unfortunately, it’s not as easy to fix the CTD problems as it might appear. My PC is overclocked and I have no issues with CTD’s. I have been able to deliberately induce CTD’s as described by people in this forum. I have also been able to fix the CTD’s that I created. One thing I have learnt from experimentation, changing system settings and adding/deleting third-party content can cause/fix some CTD’s. Therefore for some people, the fix may just be sitting right under their ‘noses’, (hopefully) suggesting for some, the fix may not be so complex as new code etc. For some, they might be able to fix the CTD problem themselves.

I personally experienced my first ctd with many to follow after simupdate V. Turned out, it had to do with something i forgot to do after the update.
I have paid version of fsuipc7 on the sim which i updated ( it became available 28-07-2021) and it had to do with wasm.
After i updated have not had ctd since.

Hope this helps to people who experience ctd caused by external programs (see if there are updates)

That’s me with 3080 and 1050 PSU (Seasonic) and no OC. The more updates the more CTD and finally after SU5, I could not even get to fly before CTD. Reinstalled Windows x2 and reinstalled MSFS ( both a big waste of many hours). I finally disabled XMP and everything is stable (so far). I blame XPM on AMD as this was my first AMD build but others with Intel have disabled XMP and solved CTD problems. Until I disabled XMP I could not even reinstall MSFS. I note on my second reinstall of Windows I went W11. Really love it but I only use that PC for Gaming.

I have a new build AMD 5950x machine with an RTX 3080ti and 32GB DDR4 3600 RAM.

I was getting CTDs constantly - sometimes during loading, in menus and in game. I had tried almost everything and was losing all hope.

Finally I tried disabling XMP from the motherboard bias (MSI). I took the memory speeds down to 2400 and I finally have something that is looking hopeful.

Not perfect yet as I’ve had a couple of CTDs since - but I’m definitely on the right track!

If you’re having the same problem, disabling XMP is worth a try!