Solution for CTD's found (post update 5 & hotfix)

I found the solution to the CTD’s that people are experiencing here. After rebooting and uninstalling everything, I found that it was the overclock that was causing all the ruckus. Turn off your GPU overclock and you will experience no more crashes. I hope my discovery helps you guys!

As for Microsoft/Asobo. Please keep the updates coming. They’re essential and please include overclock support for the next update. Thanks.

Flight Simulator does not know or care about your GPU clock speed or overclocking settings. Your graphics card is either stable under load, or it isn’t. The update may be putting more load on your GPU because of CPU optimizations, so any instability your graphics card has is going to be more of an issue. Running at stock, or even underclocking may indeed help a lot of people who are experiencing crashing, but that’s not a Flight Simulator problem for the devs to fix, and there are a lot of other reasons why the game might crash.


Nonetheless. It should help some folks out. At least that’s what I’m hoping for.

You should rename your title.

“found a POSSIBLE solution to CTD’s of SOME people”

I don’t think this is the only thing causing the sim to crash right now.

I for one can confirm my overclock for both cpu and gpu don’t cause any crashes. But some FBW and 747 liveries definitely do.


MSFS is far too wobbly when it comes to bad data. If someone installs a hook into the code (can Simconnect do this ?) and stuffs that up, there’s not much they can do. Bad data structures should crash the sim with an error that gives some clue what the problem is.

Three things are desperately required.

  1. Logging on setup activities, loading stuff in from storage or the internet, plug in events etc. Like the X-Plane log. If stuff is loaded in a known sequence on start up, then if you know the last thing that was started it helps identify what isn’t working.

  2. A method of verifying the files that are loaded, something that checks .fspackages are installed and optionally verifies them. At the moment if your install is stuffed up there is no way of knowing. Hopefully MSFS is less of the intertwined mess that Windows is.

  3. A way of temporary disabling if possible, clearing if not, stored data so if that gets corrupt it won’t crash stuff, and if it is a way of clearing cloud MSFS data,.

Like Windows, it relies on installs working and nothing ever getting corrupted at present (technically known as “being with the fairies”).

Such would reduce support demands significantly as it would make it possible to diagnose without guessing.


Thanks for your positive input into the forum. Your fix may well help some folks and that’s what we’re supposed to be about here!

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the crashes are not the necessarily caused by overclocking alone. my CPU and GPU have been running non-overclocked ever since MSFS was released last year and only since SU5 + hotfix keeps crashing, shutting down pc and reboot.

The situation where I get frequent CTD’s after SU5 is where I have a flight plan from A to B via C. Always a CTD. If I only fly A to B, no CTD.

Hello @ScaryJDL2006 .

This topic was moved to the #self-service:pc-hardware category, since this topic does not address a bug of the core sim, but offers advice on fixing CTDs related to hardware.

Thank you.

I had that. Power supply. I had a 600W one which I hadn’t upgraded and was fine …. Until MSFS pushes the hardware, then it crashed reboot style. Upgraded it and no further instances. Windows shouldn’t reboot crash. It might lock, but it shouldn’t reboot.

I am also going to upgrade my power supply to a BeQuiet! 1000W to exclude this potential cause of very short power supply spikes once and for all.

BUT: I just ran the Superposition Unigine graphics benchmark at 4K resolution on the very same pc : the GPU load showed 98% on my non-overclocked GPU/CPU, ran with no problems whatsoever. So I am hesitant to conclude that
650-750 watts power supplies are the culprits in this scenario, when everything ran fine before SU5 and hotfix.

Lots of users, lots of different hardware, setups and drivers and lots of different scenarios.
There are so many reasons why the game crashes.
For me personally the solution was deactivating the XMP profile in the BIOS.
Now the RAM is running on 2666 MHz instead of 3200 but who cares. You don’t see the difference anyway.
But…it should not happen in general and this should be fixed.

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Amen! no more questions Your Honor!

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Yes, it was just a suggestion,mine was 600 which wasn’t enough, replaced with 800 and it is fine, running cool, I think there are online calculators where you can put your spec in and it will tell you the power draw.

I think you´re right with stating that overclocks might be the cause of several CTDs in many (but not all) cases.
Asking MS/Asobo to support overclocks is a bit over the top I think.
Compare it to car engines and take the Audi RS6 for example.
The standard version is limited to 250 km/hr but you can order the performance version ( 280 km/hr) and even the performance+ which does 305 km/hr. ( you will put your drivers license on the line on almost every public road, except some parts of Germany and race tracks)
It comes with a price but you’ll keep your warranty.
Switching to a third party chiptuning solution is possible but in many cases you’ll lose the manufacturers warranty.

I haven’t messed around with them for years, but I never got the impression it made a huge difference. There were other ways of optimising stuff.

Nope. No overclocking here, plenty of crashes.

Presume you’ve done the obvious. Removed all USB devices you can. Remove stuff from the community folder. If you’ve done that run the Event Viewer and look for errors. Also, be more specific than CTD. Does it crash reliably at the same point, is it random, does the PC reboot etc etc.

When I start from a location chosen on the world map after executing my flight a CTD occurs when i want to go back to the Main Menu. When my location is the result of the coordinates given by Google Maps i don’t have a CTD but a normal ending session.

Never overclocked my RTX3080 and I’ve got a 1050 Power supply.
I get so many CTD’s I can’t even get into any flight before it all crashes. Peripherals not functioning either.
So it’s obviously not an OC issue here.
It’s them not us!!!

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