Solution for those who have black screen, Usb connection/deconnection, audio issues, using HP reverb G2

Hi guys,

I had several issues that many of you are also facing using the HP Reverb G2 : black screens, usb connection/deconnction of the headset or other devices (i’m using honeycomb alha yoke + logitech usb saitek throttle + logitech rudder pedals), or audio failures …

I’m running on AMD Ryzen 7 + RTX 3070. After having updated anything possible on my system (even the Motherboard and each devices), i wanted to update the firmware of the hp reverb G2. So I have downloaded the latest firmware update (sp113237) that you can find here : HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

This firmware is supposed to resolve a potential issue where displays may flicker or go black when playing certain titles at high volume levels (such as FS2020).

Unfortunatly, I could not been able to run it. The utility never worked for me. After more investigations, it seems that this firmware update is not working with AMD procs. (and it is not said by HP or by the utility itself).

BUT, there is another way to solve all the issues that we are facing with the HP Reverb G2 as it seems that all comes from the Headset cable ! A revision 2 of the cable has been released by HP and you can ask for a replacement of your V1 cable by this new V2 cable (this is free of charge if your G2 is still under warrantly and if you are running with AMD).

This V2 cable seems to solve everything !

More info :

I called the HP support (go on the website and search for the call number corresponding to your country) and they have sent me this new V2 cable free of charge

In any case, either you are running with AMD or not, if you are using your headset with a V1 cable, I hardly reccomend you to ask for a replacement to get a V2 cable (released approximatly 2 or 3 months ago).

I hope this will be helpful for you guys.

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I have an intel i7 based board and had the “problem” described above. V2 of the G2 cable solved my problems also. HP Support wasn’t sure if the cable swap would fix the problem on an Intel system but it definitely did on my system. Props to HP tech support and to HP for supporting their hardware!


With Black screen do you mean Black screen game freezes or just short phases of Black screen without the game actually freezing?

Usually it is more like several black screens because of deconnections of the headset followed by automatic reconnections (that comes more from usb management issues fixed by the new headset cable and by the firware upgrade from hp). There is no freezing of the game but sometimes after several black screen in the same game, the mfs application crashes so back to the desktop.

Anyway, this morning, i received the new cable and I can tell younthat it makes a huge difference !

  • First, the firmware update from hp worked with the new cable (whereas it was not working with the cable Rev1) → by the way Hp told me that the firware update was not working for AMD system, that’s not true ! I’m running with an AMD system and the update has been correctly installed with the new cable.
  • Secondly, i’ve tried several flights since this morning and i could play without anymore issue. No blackscreen, no connection/deconnection of other devices, no application crash and no more sound issues !

So again I highly recommend to all of you that are facing issues with there hp reverb g2 to :
1 - Change their cable for the new version
2 - Apply the latest firmware update from hp : HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

A reminder when you get your version 2 cable installed. The cable has a break out box installed in line. It’s plastic and about 2 x 2 x 1/2 inches. This black colored box has a tiny press on press off switch which is hard to see. When power is being supplied to your G2, a tiny white led located on the box illuminates. The G2 will not power up unless this led is lighted by pressing the tiny switch.

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