[Solved] Aircraft model has wrong scaling

I have a problem with importing the aircraft model that I have been working on in Blender.

As you can see, the model is way bigger than what it should be (by a factor of about 2). The orange cylinder shows the actual length of the fuselage and the two yellow main wheel boxes should be at the trailing edge of the wing. Akso the main wing box should be much more to the rear, although I have set “wing_pos_apex_lon” correctly.

Anyone knows where I can set the accurate size for the model?

Can you scale down the model in Blender itself by half?

Select the model. In the scenery editor click on view and select the gizmo tool. Scaling is near the bottom.

I usually create a rectangle to the correct size, fit the aircraft in it, and then delete the rectangle.

Have you setup the correct units in blender ?

You should make sure your scaling in blender is correctly setup so 1 unit in blender is 1 meter as that is what MSFS expects.

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I am a little bit embarassed… I set up Blender correctly, but for some reason I scaled the background images too big by a factor of exactly two.

I will scale down the model and it will be fine :grin: :joy:

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