*SOLVED* CRJ Autopilot wont engage

after following the checklist multiple times, on multiple flights, i cannot get the AP Engage to kick on. deadzones checked, trims on, plane fully started and configured for flight with the FMS. the individual AP controls will illuminate but just wont engage.

Flight director on, disengage bar up, no force on yoke or pedals?

Correct. I can try adjusting dead one to the rudder aswell. But looking at the control surface page all are centered properly. Fd is on and dis engage bar is up aswell. It’s been driving me crazy. Even in level flight on I can’t get the roll pitch or heading to engage

A picture of your PFD and the glareshield would be helpful

Do you also have you Yaw damper, Stab Trim and Mach Trim enabled?

Some pictures of your PFD,MFD, MCP and Center Pedestal can come in handy :slight_smile:

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It is a honeycomb problem. I enabled the Masters and the avionic bus and now it works properly as intended I will have to unmap those for this aircraft I was able to engage and am now flying by autopilot

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Thank you! Enabling the avionics indeed did the trick, which is weird because they don’t actually seem to work in the plane

autopilot not working i need help is not light on the, ap eng button.

Can I ask where can I find the avionics switch on the CRJ700 series? Having the same problem as described here.