[SOLVED] High quality world map after zooming in

The Satellite imagery for coarse location finding, fading to a VFR map is not a terrible idea if you want an eyecandy transition from globe to more detailed VFR or Route map, but the current implementation seems to have been left unfinished. I think we just have a placeholder.

I would be happy if they just had a basic OSM map, (even a Bing map) with NAV overlays like Little NavMap, a Skyvector, or even what FSW had, namely a more detailed version of the current VFR map with roads and cities. Anything that looked like an actual map. It’s not as if mapping data is not available to Microsoft.


Absolutely my opinion! A serious simulation needs a serious flightplanning. And this is just not possible with FS 2020. You don’t find even find the altitudes of the airfields in the map. No ILS arrows and so on.
The best planning tool is Little Navmap and I still use it, if possible. Its on a notebook. The flightplan goes via dropbox to FS 2020. But all the small airstrips from MSFS are missing. Bad to seiously plan a VFR flight in Papua New Guinea. Without even knowing the altitude of the destination.

It would be helpful to have a hybrid political and relief World Map in the sim, so when you zoom in you can orientate yourself better as to where you are either by physical features (mountain ranges, rivers) or by place names and boundaries. It would be great to zoom in and recognize the world and plan your flight from there.

Are there plans to make the World Map zoomable, detailed, perhaps even Live?


Often wondered about the lack of detail. Why can’t they just overlay the already existing Bing map?

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Use LittleNavmap. It is free and gives all you ask.

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Yes, but I’d rather it be internal to the sim if I had a choice. I wish they’d just use Bing Maps as it is native to the scenery and very detailed. I get by with LNM for now but it would be nice to work in sim - no exporting to MSFS and all that.


What I would really like is to have all of the information that is available on the World Map when you are planning your flight also available on the default Nav Map when you are actually in the flight. It would be nice to be able to find the radio frequencies and other details on the Nav map while you are in the plane to be able to properly tune the radios.


I’d love to see the shape of the terminal buildings too, not just the taxi ways. :slight_smile:

I am OK,I vote for this idea

I would like high quality maps also

I’m pretty sad that this item on the Wishlist is not even planned and only part of the Backlog, as stated on their dev snapshot.

Cannot understand why this isn’t already on the game and why is so low in priority, it would dramatically improve the experience of exploring the sim/world.


I can honestly understand this, yes it would be amazing, but at the same time, actually playing the game without bugs would be even more amazing. I use Little NavMap for now, it’s great, and it’s free.

I came to the conlusion MS/Asobo did this to make us buy third party stuff. There is no other explanation. The data is available and easy to integrate and it is a basic of VFR Flights, to plan your Flight. I left P3D because I always lost track of all the add ons I had as they all came with their own interfaces and external windows…


Exactly what I want. And chart overlays. So much potential!!!
High quality satellite imagery, like, i dunno, BING MAPS?!?
Airspace Charts
VFR Charts
Approach Plates
EDIT: and Frequencies!

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Email back from zen desk:
Support (Microsoft Flight Simulator)

Feb 23, 2021, 16:40 GMT+1

Hi Oscar,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Flight Simulator Support. We appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas with us today.

We have requalified this ticket into a Feedback and Feature request—please be aware that, while we review and log every suggestion in our database, we are not always able to provide an individual update.

Rest assured that we are committed to improving Microsoft Flight Simulator over time and greatly appreciate your feedback!

If you have any further suggestions, visit the Wishlist and vote for your favorite potential feature update.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team

yep, I would agree…Need more vector based landmarks that let you know where you are in a map. I was flying in china and it is soooooo large. It’s nearly impossible to know where you are. I would expect to see state boundries, cities, country boarders, lake names, and rivers. I think they improved the map by making all airports visible in upper view but, as others have mentioned, the map it mostly useless. I can’t say I like the idea of satellite imagery being used…I think that would take too many resources. Vector based features are the way to go.

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Hello everyone, I’m closing this thread as satellite images are now visible while zooming in.
However, for the second request on this thread regarding taxiways on the airport / world map, this would need a new thread on the wishlist section.


This item was delivered as part of Sim Update 5 (