[SOLVED] High quality world map after zooming in

Please devs

  • make the world map more clearer and beautiful, remove blur or grey map texture when zoomed in
  • add taxiways on the airport / world map



+1, it’s there on manual caching, why would you show either a detailed VFR map or satellite imagery when setting up a flight.


They could just use default BING maps satellite overlay streamed from BING directly.


Yes, this would be even better. :+1:t2:

This was very popular in the alpha days. Even having the bing maps in the planning UI would be great so we can explore the world from there to find places we want to fly. Definitely a great idea!


Absolutely I would prefer this. Currently it’s so frustrating to zoom in and I lose context of where I am. The satellite view is 1,000% better.


Yep , +1 .

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Definitely needed. Currently I plan my routes on google maps and try to estimate which little dot (airport) is in the right area. However airports will need to stand out more. The little dots would be lost in a background map, little pins or flags when you zoom in. Or better the icons used in the VFR map.


Yes, they need something, because right now the lack of detail or even object names is silliness. You have to zoom in so close to some objects to even click on them that it defies common sense. Just a hint of the background photo texture with the airport name labels would be enough. With the photo background there would need to be some better marking of the smaller points. Right now in the lower “after” depiction the little white dots are lost in the photo texture.

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+1 Any improvements to scenery is welcome.

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+1 Ability to toggle fuller labels on or off, too, regardless of display of satellite or road map detail.

Ignorant comment here but right now the map can either be in daylight or nighttime mode. To take full advantage of a satellite view, even if you planned to fly in nightime, it would be nice to “turn on the lights” while perusing the world map zoomed in, the better to see the map detail, rather than remaining in the dark, so to speak.

I vaguely remember seasons and weather in the PR leading up to the sim’s release. If we’re allowed to ask for even more, at all levels of the world map in flight planning, it would be nice to also be able to toggle in overlays that at least vaguely and general represent weather conditions in the region that you’re looking at and/or reflect seasonal variation. Ideally in planning to enter the Holodeck, it would be nice to see more clearly not only where you are and where you might be going but how your flight plan might vary with the season and with the weather, and whether <pun!> you want to accept real weather or dial up your own - (and just kidding here, but in the future you could be your own weather person and draw your fronts, etc., directly on the map!).

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  • taxiways on the airport / world map - they have them on the G1000, why not on the map?

It’s hard to pick a good start point on the airport ( unless you really know it ) without showing taxi/ramp configuration. I’ve started quite a few times in a terrible location.

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It would be very useful to create vfr flightpaths.
I know there are tools like littlenavmap or others but i do think the less apps you have in background, better it is for the stability of fs especially for people with low PC.


Yup, the current zoomed-in level of the World Map is useless, just a gray background with various icons scattered about. It really needs to look more like a sectional. I’d just be happy with built-up areas, mountains and other obstacles, waterways and lakes shown accurately, and major roads. It doesn’t need to have all the info on sectionals, although MSAs would be nice.

Anybody who voted this up, remember you can send this idea as feedback to Zendesk, which is probably WAY more helpful to the cause than this thread.


I wish I had more than 1 vote to give this :+1:t2:


:+1:t2: definitely must be…

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What I find odd is that when you create a manual cache, you get a multi level of detail world map, which probably only needs to be low detail, but absolutely no detail whatsoever in the critical part of the flight - the planning stage. I guess that some 3rd party must be developing something for us to buy & Asobo don’t want to impinge on that - as they stated they had done for other things in their livestream the other day.

So I voted for it because I think the idea is good but honestly I don’t need a satellite image of the earth! For me it should be more of a map with city names and road network like OSM or Maps. So you can orientate yourself to the places and streets when planning.


I totally agree! :+1:

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When I first saw it, I thought it was a bug.

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