The user-friendliness of this application is pathetic

I don’t know. I keep giving this game a new chance day after day and still I keep getting so annoyed and let down every single time. It’s been how long now since release? 5+ weeks? And how many patches had been released in the meantime? Almost a handful? But still some of the most fundamental issues haven’t been and probably won’t be addressed, such as the (when zoomed in) crappy world map that shows a ■■■■ load of white dots – and that’s about it. Good luck finding anything you don’t quite know the name of. Or maybe you just want to explore the area and think, well it must be around here somewhere, lemme find it … When you click on a dot, however, the software doesn’t even recognize you were obviously going for the airfield and comes up with some “custom” point (more like pixel, it really seems to go for the very pixel you clicked on) on the earth’s surface, unless you’re so closely zoomed in that you don’t even have a clue where the ■■■■ you actually are anymore. How is this possible? How is something like this released? How can it be that bad after so many months of Alpha and Beta testing?

The other issue I encountered once again is the traffic plates and the basic multiplayer experience in general. I’ve written it down on this image. It honestly looks like whatever comes before an alpha version. Like some internal multiplayer development test screenshot from early 2019. I’m really disappointed and will come back before Christmas to see if anything has actually changed for the better (and I don’t mean the scenery updates).

Good on y’all who are having a good time. I envy you! Take care.