[SOLVED] Menu options missing in free flight

Since SU 6 the menu options in free flight is no longer there.
I cant do create a flight plan, chose an aircraft, weather, absolutely nothing.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?

Have you attempted to reinstalling the sim?

To be honest that’s my last option

Rather than trying a full re-install of the sim, if I were in this position I would back up the following folder:
“fs-base-ui-pages” found in the Official/Onestore directory of your installation.

I would then delete that folder (after backing it up to another location) and re-run MSFS and let it re-install that missing ‘package’ and see if that might correct the issue.

Thank you for your comment, I will try that!

That didn’t work so re-validated the files on steam. 11gb of files re-downloaded and now all is well

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I am so glad that you finally got it to work :smiley:

I will close this thread now and edit the title to reflect the issue is [SOLVED].