[Solved] Missing runway flashing lead in approach lights (Running Rabbits)

I havent been playing msfs until lately when the bravo throttle arrived.
I realised when I do an approach the flashing approach light (running rabbits) are missing
I remember when I first played msfs months ago the flashing sequential approach lights lead in
I have tried VHHH and KJFK and they dont have it
I have tried tuning the graphic to ultra and it didnt help
I have attached a tape demonstrating the problem and another tape as a real world reference


It depends how the airports are designed in the sim. The running lights exist, as in that it’s a feature which can be enable in the SDK when placing approach lights.

@ChrisCheung1733 I found the issue. This happens when the Bloom setting is off. With it on, I get.

I did not expect such a dramatic effect, but we know what Bloom does now :smiley:

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I double checked with other airport and VMMC Macau which is next to Hong Kong has the approach but not VHHH. It was just it bit weird to have VHHH KJFK these kind of big airport not to have the approach lights.
I assume I didnt mess it up right? I assume it varies from airport to airport?

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No you didn’t :slight_smile: The only one that messed up is the algorithm designing the airports :slight_smile:

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