*SOLVED* Slip Indicator Upside Down

Slip Indicator is upside down and the ball stays stuck to the left regardless of yaw input.
This is in the Robin CAP.

No bug. That’s the second one for inverted flight.
It’s the same in some real CAPs.


Ok, I see now.
Thank you.

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The only issue I remember from it was a texturing issue. They used the same texture so the L/R are inverted as well. Did they really do that in real life? Your head inverts with the plane, so the lettering should be the right side up on both. Perhaps its a cost saving exercise, and they don’t have to manufacture two different face plates.

I remember doing a search months back, and never managed to find an IRL cockpit image that showed this. The ones I did find had no L/R marking on them at all for the inverted one.

In the one RW photo I’ve seen, they simply mounted a standard one upside down.

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