Some great feedback from a real world pilot with loads of experience

Below is some input that I think would be great to share in here and hopefully, one of the Asobo team members see it and make use of it for future versions of MSFS.

Most of the issues mentioned I’m sure are already well-known and possibly some of them already being worked on. Not to be seen as criticism but rather valuable feedback how this already amazing platform can become even more amazing.

Here’s the clip:


As a real life pilot, I agree with all of those points, and in that order too.

Thanks for sharing.

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+1 for the taxiway clutter.


Very interesting video . What annoy me most are the trees by the runways.Hope Asobo devs lissen to you.Or,even better,they should hire you at their QA (remote working…)


Asobo should address the obstruction issue by just coding in a filter for scenery objects that penetrate any of the FAA’s FAR PART 77 imaginary surfaces. These are imaginary inclined planes of varying height to distance ratios that are established to prohibit obstructions to navigable airspace. Most pertinent to the trees at the end of the runway problem would be the RPZs (Runway Protection Zones) that fan out from the runway ends.

Asobo could just apply these FAA obstruction standards and have an algorithm delete (or shorten) any trees, buildings, etc. that violate them. One catch is that some airports may have waivers to certain aspects of Part 77 for specific cases, but it would be a far better starting point than what we have now. I’m also not sure how well this would work for airports outside the U.S., though ICAO tends to standardize design standards for its member countries, so I doubt there would be a significant difference in those countries at least.


I’ll cross-post my response to the video here:

100%, and I love your comparison to the Secret Service - we pilots really do immediately notice those differences.

If I may add my observations to your list:

5 Spot-on. I’ll add that runway numbers are way too small, the 500’ touchdown markings are only one stripe each instead of three, the piano keys are too few for the runway widths, and the centerline stripes are way too narrow.

4 Absolutely agree. There should be a flag that turns ground service off and on at certain sized airports.

3 The beacon and windsock towers are also one-size fits all and too large for many airports. Same with the ridiculously oversized generic control towers.

2 Agree 100%. I’ll take it one step further - as I often rant about in my stream, the VASI and PAPI units are often misplaced too far down the runway on smaller runways, making the threshold crossing height too high. Try following the PAPI at KPAO (admittedly haven’t done so since the latest updates, maybe it’s been fixed), and you land almost halfway down the runway. That is not where they are placed IRL, they are much closer to the end of the runway. That makes the encroachment into the approach zone all the worse. I’ve hit trees following the PAPI down at night. That should never be a thing.

This also goes so far as to be immersion killing in that many of the VGSI and approach lights are just wrong. From my research, they’re using a database that’s about 15 years old. If you pop out at minimums and see a V4L with an ODALS when it’s supposed to be a P2R with a MALSR, that’s a go-around.

The VASI and PAPI are not bright enough during the day and the implementation of pilot-controlled lighting is way overdue

1 Yes, and don’t get me started on runway centerline lights and green taxiway centerline lights on various small county airports. Just no!

IMO, the default airport objects in this sim are geared for international airports and just not set up correctly for the tens of thousands of small public and private airports in North America.


I’ll give equal weighting and the number one annoyance spot on my list to the too bright rotating beacons / approach lighting AND approach path obstacles.
Annoyance number two includes (and again with equal weighting) taxiway obstructions / ground vehicle behavior / unneeded ground personnel.
Not mentioned in the video, but number three on my list would be unrealistic ATC. It’s a good start but much tweaking needed.
Thanks for sharing the video… “continue as planned” :wink:

IMHO, I agree with the video clip author.

Another +1 from an other real pilot

I made a wishlist for some of the items mentioned by the OP - have been meaning to for quite some time now. This isn’t meant to derail this discussion, but putting it on the wishlist might affect change!

It’s horrible in New Guinea. Every bush strip just about has tall trees obstructing the runway. I either go over them and drop down or just go through them. Either way I agree and would love to see that improved.

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I hope this will be handled by the community once the WorldHub is online and we can change and update airports and airfields.

New news for me but sounds good… so I’m waiting for it to provide input. :blush:

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Yes, they talked in last SDK Q&A stream a little bit over that topic: SDK Q&A Twitch Series: November 23, 2022 - YouTube

If you are on PC there is a very handy mod on that clears many of the tree obstructions for lots of PNG strips.

More generally, I use On Air which takes you to lots of smaller strips and fields and I’d go as far as saying it feels like there is something in the autogen code that deliberately places clusters of trees right before the threshold!

I can’t see that it would be so hard to have a few more autogen models of tower, beacon etc linked to airport class.

The Blacksquare realtaxiways mods do a very good job of cleaning up lots of airports in Europe and NA, but at a price and to fix things that aught not need fixing.

I’m on Xbox :frowning:

Too sad :cry: I don’t know how you guys cope.