Some instruments disappear mid-flight, Pilot and CoPilot show up in seats

I started a flight last night from KJFK to FAOR in the 747. I got to cruising altitude and then went to sleep. I woke up this morning 7 hours later to this.

  1. Some instruments and FMS had disappeared. Those that didn’t were unresponsive.
  2. Pilot and Co Pilot were sitting in my seats
  3. Otherwise plane was flying on course.
    The only mod I have was a recently updated livery (12/23/2020) on the 747.

What happened?

It’s also happening on the a320

Did you have a third party livery during that flight?

I think I did , is it connected ? , Will not use any for next while

Yes, I believe so.

I had this yesterday aswell on the A320. I stayed in the cockpit view and it fixed itself in a minute or two. I also noticed when this happened that on the external view the engines were not spinning, which hints that the exterior/interior models got mixed up briefly. This is something that’s happened very rarely in the past.

absolut realistic simulation :joy:

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