Some Issues Since Update..Feedback Before Reporting

I would like to share a couple of the issues I’ve encountered and would like some feedback on whether “it’s just me” or perhaps just due to the current server issues before I file a ticket.

  1. Bonanza…fuel tank selector no longer works. Curved arrow appears, but seems inoperative.

  2. Strange crash when trying to load on the runway at Nice/Cote d’Azure (LFMN I think). Once you hit “fly” screen goes black and sim is unresponsive. Tried 2 different aircraft, empty Community folder, Safe and normal mode…same result.

  3. Strange scenery pop-ins close to the airplane, sometimes just late pop-ins of the normal scenery, but sometimes just random squares of “offline” scenery. Sometimes they seem to be a very low-res version of what should be there, and sometimes they’re just a random patch of unmatched scenery. Sim was reporting “online” at the time and all data options were turned on. I suspect this is related to the server issues and will go away once those are resolved. I’ve got some video and will submit with Zendesk ticket if it doesn’t go away.

I would appreciate any comments on the above.

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Moved to #community:general-discussion-feedback, as feedback was requested.

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Yes, point 3 is what I see often.

And a tug issue I noticed after update 5 - at one moment, when I tell them to stop pushing back they duplicate I can add one more: 2 tugs at one place after update 6 in Dubai Intl.

I’ve noticed calling a tug also won’t work if you crossed the yellow line, even marginal. So I agree we you that a few tug bugs/issues need to be resolved.

Also, the release notes claimed that the no exterior lighting on live traffic bug was fixed, but I can confirm it hasn’t been fixed.

It does work just hard to trigger.

Well I was seeing it yesterday

Hmmm…in that case I’ll check some settings, but I watched a Vatsim flight come in at night and it was completely dark except for the cabin lights visible through the windows.

Ah sorry you are using vatsim? I’m not at the moment so not sure what effect that has?

Item 2.
update v Loaded two different aircraft and selected “fly”. Take off, scenery and flight for both planes normal for me. Departure LFMN Nice, France runway 22L. default TBM 930 and Cessna Longitude.

Possible that the pilot neglected to turn on their lights? Was this an AI aircraft or a MP?

I suggest you install the game to solve the problem

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