Some micro-stutters of

I have noticed some micro stutters that appear after updating version of SU14, especially when there are moving objects on the ground, stutters are more noticeable.
The SU14 beta seems to have opened up my airport ground traffic, ship traffic, and dynamic cache. If you also feel stuttering, you can try turning off these things.
I used an I7-12700K+3070ti+64G PC with a Black block TBM850 for this flight in North Palmerston.
Do you think the graphics performance of this version of SU14 is not as good as SU13?

FPS drops are not that bad but micro stutters on ground still when start moving the camera


Same with

This was using the 787 in a really low demanding airport (SAVC)

Video here: Ground stutters


stutters is more bad now with the last beta, also the fps is very bad now

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The stuttering is unacceptable in the beta. I hope it won’t be in the final release. Generally the FPS aren’t that bad for my older rig, but the recently introduced stutters makes it almost unplayable :confused:


Xbox X user.
Truly was a slide show last night, never had so many stutters even on my old S version. Flying to places I have been so many times stutter free but yesterday it was very bad. Fingers crossed ( again ).