Some Missing Airports in the Nordic Nations

Greetings! I just wanted to very briefly bring up the fact that it seems a few Nordic airports are missing from the main game of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Among those missing would include Svalbard Airport, Longyear (ENSB) and Vágar Airport (EKVG).

I don’t mean to be of any inconvenience to anyone. I simply hope that these airports, even in the default version, might be added to the game by the development team.

Thank you!

Hi, is it something that happened after the latest patch, or has it always been the case ?

Many will be on as downloadable mods including those ones.

It seems to have always been the case, or rather since that of release. I am an aviation lover, who likes to fly up north so it was certainly no surprise that I attempted to search for some of the northernmost airports in the world, which includes Svalbard in Norway and Vágar in the Faroe Islands. Both are actually rather major airports, so I was nearly certain the airports would be in-game, though I was a tad shocked when I found out otherwise. Hopefully, this gets the development team’s attention so that us Nordic virtual pilots can continue flying in our beloved sub zero temperatures!

Most of them disappeared some time during Alpha. We’re doing our best to fill in the gaps. Check out for new stuff almost every day…

Any idea why they remove them?

Wow. I didn’t know that.

I presume they must’ve been hand crafted to an extent as with Vagar for instance the Bing satellite photo is so bad there’s nothing really to work with.

If they did do that then removing them makes it doubly weird.

Those were missing at launch.

You could clearly see that some work had been done around ENSB. There were remaints of ground polygons, but no runway. Same with EKVG if I don’t remember wrong. At least the runway was there in the early testing stages because I reported it missing to Zendesk at some point during Alpha.