Some of Reno L-39 has too bright cockpit in the night after SU12, version 12-1-31-22-0

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Issue 1: The cockpit of the L-39 Common, L-39 Athena and some others is too bright if the Battery is ON and all the rest is OFF. Also on Athena if the light potentiometer is set to “0” and the Panel Lights switch is in Red, the AH is bright red backlighted like it is on 100% power. Also the light from avionics adds to this brightness much more then on other planes in the sim.
Here is the list of planes without this problem (Blue Ice
American Patriot, Pipsqueak, Robin1, Drop Bear, Red Thander, Sarance, Tumbling Goose). Every other Reno L-39 has this problem.

Issue 2: - for L-39C Common only - the “lamps” inside the gauges used for night gauge lighting are placed too high - they illuminate a part of the panel above the gauges and do not illuminate low parts of the gauge + the lowest row of the gauges is not lighted at all. This bag is here from the relies of the Reno Pack.

Issue 3 - Landing gear position lights, trim lights, audio-panel lights, flaps position lights are also always ON

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Load the plane - L-39 Common or Athena or another which is not in the list of “free from these issies” planes night time at a place without external lights above and play with Battery and Inverter switches+light potentiometers.

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GTX970, i7-5930K, 16Gb

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