Some procedural buildings missing in UK update

Some buildings and car parks are just flat - their procedurally generated 3D models are missing. Most buildings are fine. v1.13.16.0.

I Agree, looks bad in places

Why don’t you provide examples (coordinates, Screenshots etc)?
How should a developer know where to start searching?

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They’re everywhere, so I’m sure Asobo know about it. Also, this forum isn’t for Asobo to read bug reports, that’s for Zendesk.

If Asobo already knows, then what’s the purpose of this thread?

Please check the guide on how to report bugs here in the forum:

You answered your own question with that quotation: “Utilize the voting system”. It’s for the bug reports to be upvoted up by others (as well as for others to suggest solutions etc). Why all the negativity, are you having a bad day?

I’m just trying to understand why you put so low effort into a bug report and expect people to vote for it or Asobo to work on it.
They always said that bug reports need to be as precise as possible and I don’t see that here.

Apparently there is a server failure at Microsoft - at least in Europe. Have the same Problems here in Austria!

This bug report is 15h old, I don’t think it’s related to the server issues that started this morning.

As for the car parks, as far as I know they are not yet modeled and thus will not be rendered. That’s not a bug but something for the wishlist like other structures (tv towers, train stations etc).

Thanks for the info - where did you hear this?

Apologies for the poor bug report.