Some question about FSLTL

Hello, I am installed FSLTL in the last days.

I am happy with the program and its working good already and looking great. But I have the following question, which perhaps can improve FSLTL in my sim even more:

  1. I see no VFR traffic. I tried around 4 airports: EHAM, LOWI, EHRD en EDDM. And I set the VFR flights option to 60, which would be more then enough to see at least 1 GA plane. But I see no GA airplanes at the 4 airports I tried, which should have some GA planes shown. Like e.g. What am I doing wrong?

  2. I am seeing a couple of matches between the departing and arriving planes and with Flightradar24, which is kind of realistic. But, I have checked 15 planes or so, that departed or arrived, but nowhere the departing or arriving gate was corresponding with data from flight aware. Is this correct that this is not yet modelled?

  3. At the Cargo ramps, I see no cargo planes. Is this correct that this is not modelled?

  4. Usually a pushback from a gate is back and then 90 degree left or right. I do not see that, only push back and then the planes do the turn. Does FSLTL always work like that?

  5. The runway usage is directly coupled to what the MSFS ATIS gives as active runways, right?

  6. I would like to toggle labels above the AI planes, perhaps to see where they are going while you are taxiing in the game. Is there a mod out there or some option that provides labels above the AI planes of FSLTL?

  7. I see quite a lot of go arounds. Also some successful landing, but a high rate of go arounds. Could there be something causing that?

So a lot of questions. I understand that perhaps this is too much to ask for. But I thought, perhaps somebody knows something on these topics, which can improve my FSLTL even more even.

Thank you in advance.



GA traffic is in beta, you won’t see much other than the odd caravan or cj4.

FSLTL injects the traffic, but most of things beyond that is default sim AI behaviour. I think you should see AI aircraft at correct terminals, but gates won’t match. It isn’t live as in live down to GPS location at a gate. You have to use PSXT with a subscription for that info.

FSLTL doesn’t control the pushback, default sim AI does. FSLTL just injects the traffic for default sim AI to use.

Don’t think this is possible, check their FAQ

Again FSLTL only injects traffic for default sim AI to use, the go arounds are inherent in default sim AI. You can try other mods like AIFlow to try to aid this to some extent, but the issue is with default sim AI.

FSLTL FAQ (well worth a read) -



Well thank you very much for your useful replies. I got answers too much more question then I thought I would get. So thanks for that.

Also interesting to learn about PSXT, and interesting that that is even possible. It is a bit too much for me now as it is payware for a small fee. But perhaps in the future this would be an option, it is a cool feature.

I will read some more in the documentation you linked to.

Again, thank you.

Greetings, Boudewijn

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You are welcome. I’ve not used PSXT myself. It’s free to use, but it uses for live tracking data RealTraffic which isn’t free and needs the subscription. If you look it up on youtube you will see it in action. It does not use in game ATC though, as its all truly real time, so real world ATC would be what you would have to tune into.

Yeah I saw the video, looks very good. Thanks.

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BTW, I found yesterday, that if you have Pilot2ATC, then the AI planes from FSLTL are visible in the minimap in this app.

If you hover over these blue AI planes in the map with your cursor, you get the label I was asking for also. It is not really an in game option, but good enough if you want to know where the plane that is taxiing in front of you is going. Or where a plane came from etc.

Nobody seems to have answered the question about cargo aircraft. I never see them on cargo stands or anywhere else. I suppose one answer may be the lack of correct stand labelling in many of the 3rd party airports where cargo stands are simply called GA large or something but I simply wondered how to see more of the cargo aircraft. I am assuming the large cargo carriers timetables like Fedex and DHL are replicated in the FSLTL package?

I see plenty of FSLTL cargo, just go to EDDP, preferably at night…

I use the FSLTL with the FS2020 built-in ATC. My question is, can the Stick and Rudder Studios ATC Chatter be added to these without any problems, or is this impossible?