Some questions about MSFS, VR and Joystick Gremlin

Hi Simmers

I have 3 questions…hopefully someone could answer them

I just have tried MSFS 2020 in VR mode for the 1st time. Wow!

My last VR experience (except in my PS4) was with Elite Dangerous and the Oculus DK2.

With the HP reverb g2 now it looks soooooomuch better


1.) The mixed reality portal - How can I avoid that this is starting all time when I want to switch to VR. Its difficult to get out again and switch back to MSFS 2020

2.) VR settings: Im sure the quality in VR compared to the default setttings can be improved. My PC has a Ryzer 5 5600x, RTX3070ti, 32GB, SSD…suggested settings? What will work best?
I have tried now this here: MSFS | VR SETTINGS TUTORIAL | BEST GRAPHICS GUIDE | REVERB G2 - YouTube

3.) Joystick setup (for VR).

In the flightsim forum I found this here and also nthe xml file for Joystick Gremlin. Can anyone explain how this will work and how to setup this? When Im loading the file into gremlich…it looks still the same. Maybe someone already uses this (or similar) for Thrustmaster Warthog stick and trhrottle (unfortunately the TPR rudder are sold out - searching for them)

Thank you for your help…and always safe flight

Greetings from “the home of WSSS”

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