Some questions about Pilot2ATC

Hello all,

Lately, I have been trying to use Pilot2ATC. I have some questions regarding ATC communcations.

First thing I wanna know is if the Pilot2ATC warns me when I pass through the TOD point. Today I was performing a test flight and haven’t really been instructed to descent some certain altitude so I had to adjust my altitude manually.

Second thing is, how do I force the ATC to give me vectors?

Thanks everyone !

Btw this is my configuration.


IFR flight? Then P2A should nag you to descend to your filed cruise altitude after a while

It should give you vectors if you selected ‘Vectors to IAF’ in the approach transition dropdown, or if the angle between your flight path and the final approach course is exceeding a certain threshold.

Though I’ve experienced lately that after I disabled ‘Randomize Vector approaches’ (which causes P2A give you vectors even if your approach path angle ok, that’s why I disabled it) I don’t get any vectoring initiated by P2A any more. Could be a bug, I’ve posted this question in the P2A forum, but you could try to enable this and see if it makes a difference

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Strange, I wasn’t instructed to descent. Today, I’ll try to perform another flight and will write the results. Thanks a lot !

I had an amazing flight, I got informed when I was at TOD, and got some pretty nice vectors too :smiley:


Yeah P2A is awesome, wouldn’t do any flight without it any more…

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Same here. Love P2A!

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While I was trying the P2ATC, occasionally I’m facing some awkward issue. For my previous two flights, I wasn’t handed over to approach frequency, when I was expecting for a altitude decrease, hence I got too late to descend and had to go around. Has anyone faced with the same issue?

One more question is, let’s say that if I remove a waypoint after I create my flight plan and entered my STAR and Appr. would the heading be determined by the new flight plan that I have validated and filed, or P2ATC will just follow whatever it has in it’s database ?

I think it’s determined by whatever is the last plan filed, for precisely this reason – so you can change on the fly. But I’m not 100% sure about that.

Most of the time I get a TOD note from ATC, but sometimes I don’t. I can’t figure out what might be causing the differences. If I see that I’m past TOD and still haven’t gotten any notice, I’ll just request an enroute descent (and figure it out myself).

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I will assume that you are on an IFR flight plan. P2A works like real life in this regard for TOD. You will either receive a ‘descend to’ call - meaning descend now. Or, you will receive a ‘descend via’ call at which point the pilot controls when to start the descent. The descend via is often used if your TOD is within, or part of, the STAR. Descend now is used to get you on to the STAR at a designated altitude.

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Thanks for your response :slight_smile: The thing is I don’t have a problem with TOD, it’s been working quite well after I created this topic.

Issue is I wasn’t handed over to the approach frequency and ended up with a go around.