Some VOR frequencies don't work


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Varius VOR frequencies seems not working. At least in Italy and Austria in general there are many VORs that doesn’t work at all. I red that some VOR could have been decommissioned but i checked out with skyvector and littlenavmap ad it seems that they are still active and the frequencies on skyvector LNM and the world map in MSFS maches all. Is there a fix or a way to recognize which VORs are working and which not

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I was flying in Cicily from LICB to LICZ.
Those are the frequencies not working:
I tried first whit my mod preset and then with vanilla
Same result
Also I’m sure the procedure i take is correct cause when all VORs and NDBs works I’ve no problem
This are only 2 example because i don’t have the data from the previous flight with this problem

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RTX 3070
I7 10700K

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Sigonella is a military airfield and the two navaids you mentioned are not VOR/DMEs - they are both TACANs. You can use the DME portion of the TACAN by tuning the listed VHF frequencies but you cannot use them to navigate with a standard NAV receiver.

Oh ok thanks a lot. Is there a way to recognize TACANs from the world map in MSFS or i need to check skyvector or LNM. Do you have any suggestion for a program or an APP other than those that could help me?

LNM or Skyvector should work. TACANS aren’t labeled as such, but the symbol that represents the navaid looks different than a standard VOR/DME,

Thank you very much