Some VOR stations don't work

I used the World Map to plot out my flight plan using multiple VOR/DME stations, and noted down their frequency in Nav Log tag. But I found that some of them just don’t work and I have to use SkyVector to find some more nearby VOR stations and plotted a new course from those, or sometimes use dead reckoning to approximate my course until I could receive from a working VOR or ADF.

Is this a known issue? If it’s shown on their World Map, sometimes even plotted automatically through those VORs, it doesn’t make any sense if they don’t work at all.

Some VOR stations are DME only and shows only distance and flight planner shows VOR/DME

I found one VOR that is broken but not missing from the World Map. The info on the World Map is corrrect. The VOR can be added as a waypoint. But when dialed in, there isn’t any signal using the C152 radio stack. The G1000 displays something but it doesn’t look like a signal is being received. There aren’t any NOTAMS about the VOR being out of service.

Note that when talking about problems with navaids or airports, it’s extremely helpful to give the names/codes so other people can help test or look up data. Without that it’s basically impossible to give any help or feedback.

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Thanks, I got some of those as well, while some don’t even give DME distance.

There are actually quite a few of them which don’t work at all, in fact around 30% to 50% depends on what area you’re in. I remember once I was flying in India and I had to use 2 ADF stations to figure out my position and flew dead reckoning for an hour until I receive a working VOR.

I don’t know how hard it is for Asobo to just remove the frequency display in VOR stations that don’t work.

Also, keep in mind that VOR’s may be range limited…some are more powerful than others and have great reception range. As well, your altitude will effect the range that you can receive the VOR and any terrain between you and the transmitter will block the signal.

Found a solution, check VORs inserted by MSFS against SkyVector, if they’re grey out, it’s not operational, change the flight plan manually.

Kankakee VOR (111.6 IKK) doesn’t work. There is no signal. What can be the problem?

@ PilotUnicorn666


What signal? IKK is DME and not VOR on other side…

I thought it was an VOR with DME.

As pilot you don’t need better thought :slight_smile:

you need better confirm map and charts :wink: to be not in danger trouble in the air…

You’ are right. Thank you.

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If I could maybe help,

RBS VOR can help with navigation here :wink: