Someone created a Grand Canyon Race!

This route is fun and difficult but so rewarding if you can complete it w/o crashing or overstressing your airplane.

KGCN Runway 3, north heading, follow the river all the way to Glen Dam Bridge.

I try to stay under 3000 altitude the first 4 minutes. After that I just try to stay within the canyon walls without crashing. (I’ll be happy to figure out exact waypoints and altitude suggestions if someone can make it happen)

I figured with the same course and my personal parameters, me being the same pilot with every plane, that the overall times would be telling of the planes and their performances.
Granted each plane can do this course faster than what I did, you get a good idea of the planes’ performances.

What’s interesting is the CY-57 Felon would be in the lead over every plane not named F-22 until about the 8-9 minute mark.

1st place:F-22 Raptor=12:20
2nd place:F-16 Falcon=12:40
3rd place:F-15C Eagle=12:43
4th place: CY-57=13:10(edge goes to Felon for maintaining a lower altitude throughout)
5th place:F-18 Hornet=13:10

A big Thank you to this forum’s own, Mr. FlightSimSquadron himself, @EggMan283494 !!

Think of all the thousands of people who play this sim. Now think of the few people who know how to create planes/scenery. There’s a big difference in #'s. What I’m saying, is that these developers should be appreciated. They have talent and often times do things for the love and community.

To make it more of a “course”, Eggman28 has provided a FREE download of some add ons he put in throughout this canyon. You can fly through them or try to go really low and fly beneath them. Or you can fly above for the scenery. Have fun is the bottom line!

Here is an example of some of the work and creativity exclusive to Eggman-


Some goals to reach-

  1. 36.05735039634738, -112.13803483945247 =7500 altitude
  2. 36.08100500264088, -112.14163247464688 =5500 altitude
  3. 36.097494266167686, -112.11674283153918 =3000 altitude(stay below 3k from here)
  4. 36.19532188943769, -111.79932084593312=3200 altitude(end of 3k requirement)
  5. 36.372329000971106, -111.89124109383107 =3300 altitude
  6. 36.396724326277734, -111.85506732951742 =3200 altitude
  7. 36.39978071709509, -111.88285447810529 =3300 altitude(Long Right)
  8. 36.415168446692206, -111.8679156087994 =3600 altitude(sharp left)
  9. 36.49365087659514, -111.84083764635535 =3400 altitude(sharp left)

Thanks for the great idea @JoylessTunic738 ! Added a blog post to our site about it - Grand Canyon Run - FLIGHTSIM SQUADRON

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I call this the Canyonball Run. I typically do it in the opposite direction from the Glen Canyon dam and run all the way to Lake Meade and end up in Vegas. And the idea is to keep full throttle the entire way while remaining as close to the water as possible. Albeit in fast GA vs fighter jets.

A couple of weeks ago on one of these runs, you crossed me and the other guys in the Simstrumentation team. Considering the speed we crossed each other at, I was only like 50% sure that was your gamer tag I’d seen. Looks like I was correct!

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Initially that’s the direction I flew as well.

However, there is no clear finish line if you start at Glen Dam/Page Municipal.

Also, if you fly low enough, you will get to a spot that has serious lag.

I start at KGCN, no lag, and there’s a clear finish line, the Glen Dam. Also you can fly under the Glen Dam bridge from South to North where as if you start the canyon from the north going south, you cannot fly under the bridge, and flying under bridges is cool.

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Here is a video from last night.
Anyone can fly high and fast. I try to make goals to fly under 3500 altitude the entire time. (Have done it with 5 jets:F-14, F-15, F-16, F-22, and CY-57)

General rule, only pass the person in front of you if you can pass them the same altitude or lower. Makes it a lot more challenging :slight_smile:

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F/A 18, a non modded plane fly this non modded canyon all the time(I see them behind me)

Was this ya’ll? (9:30)

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No, we were in GA planes. 2 of us were in Mooneys and the other was I think in an Extra 300. I have the same gamer tag as my forum name, so if you see me, you’ll know.

We don’t make it a race, but as a rule, we run it full throttle at all times and try to stay at 100 ft above the water or lower, and with crash / damage enabled. It makes those tight turns a lot more challenging.

It’s weird that you can fly under them from one direction but not the other. I know enough to climb and go over when going north to south. That’s the only spot I deliberately climb above water level.

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Super proud of my Wingman MisterNix

Only four Sim Pilots have completed this under a specific altitude the entire way. I’m looking for six pilots to be the official first 10 to accomplish this feat.
Who will be number 5?

Level 1=Bronze
Section 1=Under 3400
Section 2=Under 3700
Section 3=Under 4000

I’ve been practicing! :wink:
But I need more of it to even get to the end once, let alone within those altitude limits and sub 13 mins!

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I should say that even trying to go under 3900 the entire way would still probably take some practice.

It’s 15 minutes of narrow canyon so it’s not easy to memorize in one or two goes. But it seems like you either get close to making a turn you’ve struggled on, or you do finally make the turn, and you want to go back for more. You go back for more and conquer what has been giving you problems, only to discover a new set of tricky turns to figure out the proper brake/acceleration timing.

In the end, it really feels like you accomplished something via intense manual flying. It’s a great feeling!