Someone write a program to recommend settings based on hardware:)

So many smart people on this forum…I wish there was a simple program that could determine settings based on hardware. Just a drop down menu where you input: (these are mine)

CPU: i9-13900 KF
GPU: RTX 4090
RAM: 64 GB 6000mhz
Headset: Quest 2
Interface: Virtual Desktop
MSFS version: Steam 40th Anniversary Deluxe

And the spits out settings options including:
Best performance
Best visual quality

And suggests using:
Oculus PC software (y/n with recommended settings)
OXR Toolkit (y/n) with recommended settings
SteamVR software (y/n) with recommended settings
Debug tool (y/n)
Nvidia software settings


There are as many variables in graphics options as there are flight plans in the ■■■■ simulator!

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It’s pretty ■■■■ funny how the word ■■■■ is considered a word that needs to be censored! Lol

This video can give some insight into setting up your nvidia control panel Best NVIDIA Control Panel Settings for Gaming (2022 GUIDE) - YouTube

It can be a little leg work, but you should be able to find videos referencing the apps/hardware you have that can help inform you on settings and their “penalty/rewards”

Nice system btw!

****side note…not sure if it’s “too late” but I’ve read a few people recommend the Reverb G2 over the Quest 2 due to clarity of cockpit displays…i have no personal experience with the Quest 2, only have used the G2…
Like i said if it’s not too late, maybe something to look into

I would so love this feature. At least it would give you a solid place to start rather than going through all the many options to determine what works best and what doesn’t. You can spend hours and hours trying different settings.

I started out with the original flight simulator many moons ago. As it evolved, I understood and accepted the fact that there were numerous “quirks” that I would have to navigate through and figure out how to resolve, especially with add-ons.

Today I expect more from MSFS 2020. When it was first released I had no problems, but as they continue to tweak the product it becomes more and more “quirky” and I find myself constantly having to hunt down solutions, settings, etc.

I’m still using it because I still love it. Just make it easier for the old guys to use so we don’t have to hunt down solutions . . . we only have so much more time to enjoy this thing called Microsoft Flight Simulator.

this would take so much time to develop. There are a literal infinite number of setups. I can see Person A and Person B with exact same setups getting different recommendations simply because maybe a driver version is different or something arbitrary.

Not saying its a bad idea i think it’s great. Just saying it would take months if not years just to gather hardware data and compile it into a way that can be easily analyzed and correlated to proper settings

And given that two people with same setups already can have wildly different experiences the hardest part would be figuring out literally all possible hardware configurations and then benchmarking them at all possible graphics settings

I would think it’d be quicker to google a few tweaking guides and watch a few how tos on youtube than to wait for someone to create an app that requires far more research than it does development.

A few drop down menus and a script to read hardware information is easy. having it reconfigure a video game with 1000 graphics options so that its optimized specifically with your hardware setup is not.

There already is one. It’s NVIDIA GeForce Experience. It pretty much does that.

Captainas007 - Please elaborate on how GeForce Experience does that. It never did it on my system, and it was installed for the whole-time sim was on PC. SO please tell the world how that works.

There is an option in GeForce Experience that changes your MSFS settings to its recommended quality based on your graphics card. I’m not sure if it takes any of your other hardware into account.

I used it once and it set everything to lower settings than what I had been running. I haven’t had Experience installed in my system for a while now.

I will look for this tomorrow and see what happens.

I’m primarily doing this for VR. For PC I can jack everything to the ■■■■ and it still runs beautifully. In VR the small cockpit writing is blurry, if I crank the oculus resolution and go to DLSS quality it’s better but performance suffers.

Ischyaef3 = I just downloaded the latest driver for Nvidia. I will update my drivers to that, and let it install GeForce Exp. I will consider reinstalling MSFS tomorrow and see if it makes any difference. I hope so, as I miss the 737 and F-14.

All - Reinstalled MSFS-of course, it lost all my peripheral’s (virpil devices) and have had to setup again. Cannot get flaps and spoilers/speed brakes to work period. I have clicked every one and tested, nothing. Again, no instructions manual. Just about to chuck the whole thing again, as I spent 3 hours last evening getting them setup and now it seems to be less responsive than before. Asobo, I do NOT need to see the x-box controller on my screen while the thing is loading, so please put that someplace else as I find it annoying. FWIW-X-Plane can be setup in 10 minutes tops and all controls work.

This is impossible. Not even considering the infinite possible combinations of hardware, just imagine the sofware side. Programs installed, Windows updates, mods…

Not even talking perception. Everyone will perceive quality differently, whethers is how good the image looks or how smooth the experience feels…

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This guy gives great setting info and he comes out with new update videos.

This video is great, I am in the process of trying these.