SOS Mouse and Keyboard freeze

Does it happen to anyone, that when you start fs2020, your mouse and keyboard freeze??.
It’s happening to me since SU6. The mouse starts with microcuts and doesn’t go away until I start the computer and the game again.
Everything is up to date, drivers, OS, updates, etc.
It happens to me with wireless and wired mouse.
Does anyone have any idea how to correct this problem?

Hi there,

When you get the chance, please update your topic’s title to English.

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Thank you.

I apologize. I have already updated it to English.

Yes it happens to me also. So glad to know its not just me. Unfortunately I have no fix.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
Hopefully, someone from the forum can give us some solution.
It’s frustrating to have to start the computer and game again every time the mouse and keyboard start with the microcuts.
The weird thing is that it only happens to me with FS2020.

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