Sound ATC spanish

Hello community. Does anyone know how to change the voices of the atc from English to Spanish?

Hi @ARV001JOSE, and welcome to the forums.

Have you tried going to Options / General / Misc / Language and selecting ES-ES? You will have to Restart MSFS after making the change.

English is used for ATC worldwide IRL, so it is realistic for it to be English only in the game

if doing that the text if it changes to Spanish but the voices are still in English and that is my question if the voices can be changed thanks

Yes, the ATC text does indeed change to Spanish, but not sure about the voices. Do you have the Windows Spanish Voice Pack installed on your PC? I assume you do, but just asking.

Just adding a data point to the conversation… although the ATC text does indeed change to the language you select in Options (in my case, Spanish), the sim CTD’d when I tried to listen to ATIS (I don’t have the Spanish Voice Pack installed.) When I switched the language back to EN-EN, the voices worked just fine and I did not have a CTD.

My guess is the correct voice pack may indeed be the issue, but cannot test that here at my end.