Sound bug

Anyone else have this sound problem when in the air, looks like a microphonia or something. It’s really annoying!

I have an added momentary engine sound due to AIG traffic I believe, everytime I switch from cockpit to external view.

Is that something you are talking about?


Got the same. Every time i switch to extenal there is a loud engine noise/beep for not even a second and then it’s ok.

But now i also have this when i don’t load AIG traffic, so thats a bit weird

I confirm, it happens to me too, and it happens just when I have AIG Traffic Controller active but only after the first AI aircraft has passed close to mine.

i got also a sound bug in flight. i can hear a deep sound like a loud in and out breath from a human. I havent this in any other game or simulator like xp11 etc.

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it actually looks more like little crackles like when you try to find a radio station on old sets…

is there any way this annoying sound disappears from the game?
Any recommendations??

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