Sound not switching when entering in VR

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When I switch in to VR and Windows Mixed Reality Portal is not alleready running, there is no sound in my VR Headset. I have set “Windows Standard” as audio device in MSFS, also switching to the sound device of the G2 does not help.
When I open Mixed Reality Portal befor I launch MSFS, I get the sound there and it also works finde when I switch to VR mode.

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Close Mixed Reality Portal, Launch MSFS, enter any flight, switch to VR using CTRL+TAB

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5800x3D, RTX 3080, 32GB RAM, HP Reverb G2

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:

SU12 I think

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I don’t have the solution but you are not alone.

We can be thankful, though. It used to be that enabling the headset AFTER starting a flight would cause an immediate CTD. I just got into the habit of starting VR BEFORE starting the sim.

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I have the same issue. ATC is heard in the Reverb G2 but all other noises are in the monitor speakers. Very strange.

Oh ok. No for me its just all the sound not switching, incl. background music, ATC, aircraft noise