Sound settings to stop the "popping"?

I just replaced an older Logitech 3-speaker sound system for an amplifier and 2 - Klipsch speakers. The new sound is a great improvement; but i still get some popping sounds with the C172 and other GA aircraft. Does anyone know if there are setting in the program, or in Windows, to fix this? Or is it just a fault of the recorded sound in the aircraft? Some are worse than others.

I’ve never noticed any popping sounds, all the audio has been seamless for me. I’m a musician and audio tech, if you’re hearing popping it could either be the recording or something going on with your interface but the only way to tell would be to listen to the sound files themselves. I’d bet they’re in a standard format but might be difficult to narrow down among the many included files. I had a popping file in XPRealistic for X-Plane and took it into my DAW and declicked it with a plugin specifically to do that, but for that it was super easy to find the file as it was the reverse thrust audio and the sounds were in their own folder.

When are you hearing the popping? Is there a specific plane and instance you hear it? If so I can take a look in the files and see if I can find the file and give it a listen. If it’s in the file I can fix it and email it to you to overwrite the clicking file.

Hi @Rev20105189 , nice to see a colleague here. I’m curious which files you adjusted (and where to find these in Fs). I assume you used a limiter to suppress frequencies.
Off topic: I’m also curious to hear some of your compositions / songs. It would be great if you would send me a Pm with some links.

The only situation I heard my system ‘pop’ is when I overload the audio. This also happens in some Games I play.
My advice is to adjust the audio settings to see if this solves anything. In general this means turning down the “external engine” or environment sound. It might me the combination of these sound files that cause the problem. Keep us informed about your findings.

I’m a musician and did a lot of live and studio audio work in the past. I’ve most definitely heard said popping, although not sure when it started exactly.

It’s not really apparent if I’m using communications mode where the engine / world sound is on my speakers and comms coming through my headphones. But if I run all my sound through my headphones, I can hear it. I had been using the former setup for some time now since I had been home alone for 6 weeks while my son was away on business. But I started using my headset again last week after he got back and started noticing it.

I’ve ruled out my headset or connections as being the issue since I can’t reproduce this in any other scenario other than MSFS.

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i had that too but the fault was the cpu going 100% and cant keep the sound with the game sync. i solved it with process lasso too balance the cpu

I rarely use the headset other than to get the ATIS before departing. So the popping is thru the speakers. I’ll see if turning it down will help. [I am hard of hearing, so thats another problem] Will let y’all know if that helps!

That’s very interesting! I am not computer literate so I don’t know how to check the CPU. Will ask my son perhaps he knows. I do know that i have to upgrade components sometime soon.

It may have been coming through my speakers, but because I had the cans on, I wasn’t hearing it. That’s why I don’t know exactly when this started for me. I know prior to me having the house to myself for the previous 6 weeks, I wasn’t experiencing this popping in my headset. Now I am.

It was a single file and it was for a realism plugin in X-Plane. I used a VST plugin from a restoration/repair suite from Acon Digital. It was their DeClick plugin. Worked wonderfully. I even sent the fixed file to the guy that makes/sells the plugin but he never replied lol. I’ll send you a PM with some links of my music shortly :+1:

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What CPU u got?
I can send u what i have changed in the Programm Process Lasso

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Ok u can private message me over the forum where i can send u tomorrow the changes i have made in process lasso, i have the same CPU as u and this solved my problem

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