South Africa in the Johannesburg area - CTD`S

In the area around Johannesburg, no flights can be started at all - no matter which airfield or with or without add-ons.
If I start a flight about 100nm north of Johannesburg from a small airfield the flight does not take 10 minutes, as soon as I am about 70nm away from Johannesburg, CTD again.
I have been observing this situation around Johannesburg for at least 1 year now! - Is this known???

Hey, been flying around Joburg since launch with no such issues. Sounds like its something to do with your install specifically.

Does it crash in safe mode as well?

I have also not had any issues with regards to flying around Jhb area etc… also flying the SIM since release… Weird issue you’re having, what is your setup?

Is there really no one who has had the same experience around Johannesburg and might know a solution?
I can do what I want, I can neither start a flight nor fly into the area around Johannesburg - back to the desktop :frowning:
In the rest of South Africa and the world I can fly normally.