South African Wild Coast

I have tried something a bit different with my recent flight along the Wild Coast of South Africa. With the video I tried a bit of blending of real life events, my flying trips into the area and footage from my actual Flight Simulator flight. The results are here:

A few thoughts on the video:

  • I have a Ryzen 7 3700X and nVidia RTX 2060 that I run at essentially High settings on a 4K monitor
  • Using this quality on a 4K monitor really pushes the edge of re4alistic simming. As a rule I pretty consistently get around 25FPS. Flying as low as I did in this video pushes things even more.
  • The limits are shown up by the video at the bottom of the screen when flying low: definite jerkiness due to the high rate of change there.
  • THis effect is worse in the video than in real time game play. I suspect this is due to the video software trying to fit the 25-ish fps screen grab into a normal 30fps video.

But all in all, in real time playing I am more than happy with the quality.

A bit of a peek into the contents:

I am using a custom livery and registration for the Beech Bonanza to somewhat resemble the 1962 Beech Debonair (the original conventional tail Bonanza) that we used to own and which we flew up to the Wild Coast a couple of times. While the two aircraft are obviously nowhere near identical, the following, taken at Cape Town International Airport, shows you the resemblance:

Real life taken in the 1980’s in front of our hangar:

And then the sim plane:

The trees have grown, the fence has been changed and some of the buildings in the background have changed, but I think the aircraft looks pretty good and the hangar in the background is modelled very well.

Same time and place, different angle:

And then a few frame grabs from the flight video:

Still love this sim/game!


Loved the video, especially the combination of sim video and real life photographs. And of course the story behind it!

I visited the Wild Coast about 10 years ago and loved it. Haven’t thought of flying there in the sim yet and was surprised by the quality of the scenery.

That’s what I still enjoy the most in MSFS, flying low and slow in areas that I know from personal experience. Of course the scenery is not perfect, but still absolutely amazing, even before realizing they have done that on a global scale.

Thanks for the kind words. Totally agree on how surprisingly good the scenery is in an area that is just a regular part of the regular world. Definitely one of the strengths of the sim/game.

If you do decide to go to Kob Inn (not Kobb Inn as in the game), remember to go on a Saturday so you can enjoy their weekly Saturday evening seafood feast. The fact that this feast is included as part of their regular full board rate is just amazing! Not sure if they still do that but we just loved the oysters, prawns and crayfish that they put out as bar snacks (!) in the years we went there.

Something completely different for sure.