South Africans! Please let me know you are out there

Hey guys, looking to create a group for South Africans if you guys are out there, please let me know!


Fellow South African to join group

Wooohhoo! The first!

not south african, but flew in Nam years ago

Finally! Add me!

Late to the party. But, I’m in JHB. Is there an SA discord server?

Me too. I’m French but I flew several time in Nam. Can I fly with you?

keen to join…details?

If you’re keen. I created a Discord for myself, but now has a handful of South Africans on. It’s pretty empty in there, but I’ll always make sure to open it before I fly if you’re keen. Here’s the invite
Also, feel free to add me as a friend on MSFS, my gamertag is Wrinklyship7, and we can fly together sometime.

Hi. I’d like to join but I need some help getting flying again. After last update something went wrong and now MS Store wants me to download whole game at 171GB.

However, the download speed Im getting is just crazy bad. 0.5 to 1.5 Mbits/s which will take 3 weeks. I have tried everything includind 2 ISPs at 50 Mbps lines. Are any other other saffas gave any similar issues?


I’ve had the same problem before. I think it might have something to do with our ISPs. The updates I sometimes have to use a programme called Netlimiter to restrict the speed to 50kbps, so it can take a long time to download

how do i join?

would also like to join , your discord channel not working

I am a South African. In Johannesburg

I am also South African, in PTA

Me too…

Used to fly a microlight out of Klipriver, nice the see the airfield well represented in MSFS :slight_smile:

I added you as a friend. :slight_smile:

South African suffering the English weather.

Durbanite here, looking forward to the hotfix, if it drops tomorrow then maybe a good weekend I’d flying ahead.

Hi everyone my apologies for letting this thread die. I am trying to figure out if there is room for a weekly fly together. I am not sure how serious everyone is in terms of what they fly and where etc. It would be nice to hop onto zoom or dischord and chat and fly.