South America Airport/Bing Maps update

I would like to see them update their satellite imagery for the airports.

A lot of airports - from my experience - In South America, are outdated and do not accurately represent their irl equivalent.

For Example - St Vincent and the Grenadines airport is still being built according to Bing maps - Lets just say it doesn’t look great in flight sim.

simply coz the whole world uses google maps, not bing, therefor it made no sense to keep bing updated, keeping in mind costs of sat pix or even better renting a satelite …
guess why all the sceneries from the community r based on google maps?

@onkelyogi4210 this adds literally nothing to the discussion.

@DcKohben a lot of world map updates are already on the cards. last one was Japan, next one will be USA. Others will follow.
If you find specific airports missing, please report those to Zendesk (link in the top bar), and they might be added sooner (Japan update included other airports around the world as well).

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I hope for an south americas update too.

I flew a lot over that beautiful continent lately. It is really worth more attention.

Hi there!
I would also like to put down my voice for an update of the South America satellite imagery. Especially Colombia, Ecuador and northern Peru are so full of clouds in the satellite images that it right-out kills the immersion. Too bad, because it’s a really nice area!
In any case - shouldn’t Bing maps images be updated every now and then anyway?

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I hope and wish that a S. America world update is in the works. I am an expat US citizen living in Ecuador and have done some travelling down here and I would be absolutely amazing to see an upgrade to the current visuals for S. America. I flew around Nazca, Peru yesterday in my RV-14 and while some of the bigger Nazca lines were visible the smaller, and quite famous geoglyphs were totally missing. I fly around Cuenca EC, where I live now, quite often and sadly it’s also lacking in prominent features. This is true for most of the places I have flown over down here so any upgrade would be most appreciated!

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Have you looked at the ORBX South America mesh for MSFS? It might add some topographical detail.

+1 to this. Many parts of South America desperately need a Bing update.

That, and the Bing aerial images have so many clouds especially in Ecuador and Colombia that it really kills the immersion. That hasn’t changed from my last post…

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I used to post good pics here a little over a year ago, but they got deleted because i used the “nasty image injection”. Droide ( then did a good rip. But I don’t know if it’s still compatible with the SU.
Totally agree, this area needs much better imagery. (regardless of which provider)
However, the air photography is certainly not easy. The scratching images are only a few centimeters deep.

But the area could still be reworked manually, i mean.

Edit - Just checked again, the scenery from Droide no longer works for me. CTD