South Turkey tour - Karatepe Aslantaş


Today I’ll take you to the south of Turkey, in the “Karatepe Aslantaş” national park. The flight is short but landscapes are really nice, between mountains and colourful fields…

Here is the place :
Karatepe Aslantas GM

And the flight plan (file at the end of post) :
South Turkey Flight Plan

Let’s take off ; heading west to the sea there are plenty of well detailed fields and villages :

After a half turn right, we start the mountains trip, with an chain beetween two colourful fields zones, and the sea…

Transition to the Sir Baraji lake :

After heading south, the plains again… full of cultivated fields

Time to land… The LTAG has no approach procedure stored in my TBM, so if you want to go ILS on runway 23, you just need to set 111.70 MHz in your Nav1 and intercept the glide at JAYBY (2300fts).

That’s all folks… hope you will enjoy this short flight (less than an hour in TBM).
Here’s the flight plan :

VFR Turkey LTDA to LTAG.pln (5.2 KB)