Spad.Next 0.9.12.x

How to you update from to the latest version (according to the tip gauge site)? The Spad.Next site still lists I have the complete licence as well.

That is the latest version. Unless you want to change to alpha version to try new features and stuff, then you have to change to the alpha release channel in the settings (discord registration required to link your account to the Spad.Next discord).

Thats how you update to Alpha:


The benefit of the alpha channel is that the things Lee talks about and the presets he is working with are available for immediate use. And there are many more presets or snippets in this channel than the stable.

Thanks for the info version was just released, and it seems the Button pressed for a short time events I had bound for things like moving my heading bug around, or zooming in and out with the g1000 no longer work when when I hold them down. They only work as single button presses now with zero ability to repeat when held. So now I have to rock my hat switch for each single degree of my HDG bug vs. before where I could do that for small tweaks, or hold it to have it just continue turning.

Any suggested fixes?

Yes, this was changed in one of the latest updates and caught a lot of people off guard. The new system is actually better, makes more sense and gives you more control. But you need to change your existing profiles.

Here is a video that explains the new system and how it works.

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TY, Got it. So am I understanding correctly that now where I was able to use a single trigger for a given event, I now need to go through 5+ profiles and add an additional event that is a duplicate but with a HELD trigger? That is…tedious.

Are there any capabilities to have say, one core profile but have an input do different things based on the profile being used?

No you don‘t necessarily need to different events. You can just go with the hold event and set delay to the smallest number possible, which is 1. This way the event triggers instantly.
In the new version you can switch events easily. So you don‘t have to delete and create from scratch new events. It goes rather quickly. I made my changes whenever I‘ve flown a plane that hadn‘t been changed yet to keep workload low.