and pmdg 737

Hi All,

I started with Spad.neXt (trial version) with my loupedeck live panel. This is working fine for other aircraft but with PMDG 737, I can’t control the dials of the MCP because I can’t see the controls within Spad.neXt. The buttons for PMDG 737 are working fine.

What I already did so far:

  • modified the PMDG 737_options file and added

  • Within Spad.neXt, I installed LVAR Bridge (MSFS)

  • Within Spad.neXt, I enabled PMDG 737 support (although this is for FSX/Prepar3D)

Followed the instruction on youtube for PMDG 737 / Spad.neXt

With all that, the status of PMDG7373 in Spad.neXt is still “not connected”


  • Which dials controls do I have to use for HDG, ALT, SPEED etc. for MCP?
  • Did I forgot something in Spad.neXt or within MSFS to see PMDG 737 connected within Spad.neXt?


Hmm, it works fine for me, on other hardware than Loupdeck, but that doesnt really matter, the process is the same.
You just need to find the correct LVARS for the action and the animation.
Best starting point would be to search for an online-profile, and then copy what you need over, so you dont have to do the programming from scratch if someone else has done it already.

Its easyer to customize an existing profile instead of doing it from scratch. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have now mostly all dials working, Except for V/S. I try to alter LVAR:NGX_VSWINDOW but that doesn’t work. Do you know which LVAR I have to use to change V/S rate?

Now it works, I had too change it to mouse wheel down and up!

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