SPAD.Next Cessna 172 G1000 NXI

I have been experimenting with and it’s working as expected (being able to control the onscreen maps is a boon for sure). It was fine to begin with but now when I activate the autopilot, it will jam the yoke to the right. It was not doing this to begin with. Even with SPAD turned off and just pressing the AP key on the panel it does the same thing. No other plane exhibits this behaviour. I’ve deleted and re-installed the plane, restarted the sim, removed the action from SPAD for the auto pilot but the issue persists. There are no mods on the 172 at all other than the NXi. Any insight appreciated.

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So after some experimenting it turns out that following the start checklist leads to the plane behaving as expected with no AP nonsense. It’s never been like that before but perhaps the checklist exists for a reason? ;o)