Spad.Next idle and full reverse with honeycomb


I was a little sad that the honeycomb bravo has no reverse axis. But then I thought that having idle reverse and full reverse would be more than enough for me in the FBW a32nx and Aerosoft CRJ. The Honeycomb bravo has the small levers to pull back and detents. When I pull the small lever I want minimum reverse to be activated. When I additionally pull back on the big lever I want max reverse. Also returning the whole lever forward to the idle detent should bring me idle reverse again until I release the small levers when reverse thrust obviously should stop.
So I programmed exactly that into (lvar required) and it works beautifully.
So I was wondering if anyone would be interested in my profile. If yes I could try to upload them.

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I never tried sending a Spad.Next profile. I uploaded it here.
Tell me if it works for you!AtMzNinLCutjgaZtfr7FOvWNalGjuw?e=k452KO
Maybe you want to try it @Vibstronium?
Buttons 10,11,26,27 are the relevant ones. The only thing you have to be carefull about is when you use the reverser, you should disengage them again before giving positive thrust e.g Go Around, so before moving beyond idle (like with the real throttles).


I’ll take a look at it and see if the reverser config bits are good to steal – that sounds clever! :smiley:

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How did it go?

Haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

Eventuelly I have got the Honeycomb Throttle quadrant. I tried your profile concerning the throttle reverse. Works perfectly, thanks a lot! Great job!

Glad to hear :+1:t3:.

Due to a new version of Spad.Next, the profiles need to be updated, retested and reuploaded.
If you are interested in that, let me know via PM.
In the mean time, the topic is being closed.