Spain Bush Flying Tour - Leg 10 - Monastery on a Mountain and Portugese Wine

Flight Length: 145 nm; approx 2.5 hours
Altitude: 8500ft max
Aircraft Type: Cubs, Cessnas, Caravans, Bonanzas, anything that can land and take off on short spots
Cruising Speed: around 110 ktas
Time & Weather Setting: 12PM-3PM at start should be fine (3PM at start for a sunset landing); Scattered Clouds works best, but optional
Multiplayer Settings: Set to “All Players”
Date: Saturday, January 23rd
Start Time: 19:00 ZULU
Comms: “Event Flight” @MSFS Bush Pilots Discord Server -

Description: We take one last shot at the mountains, visiting a monastery that is virtually inacessible on land during the winter, before we descend to the central plateau and sneak into Portugal under the radar into wine country for a lot of yank & bank in river valleys… and maybe wine…

In-Flight Entertainment: Finding interesting places to land on, plus a little downhill gliding and a lot of yank & bank along a river.


  • You may want to try out the free Bonanza, Cessna Caravan, Savage Cub and XCub mods for better performance and shorter landings/takeoffs. Even if you don’t want to fly them, installing them will make sure that you see other player’s planes properly instead of a brown Bonanza.
    Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

  • To see liveries properly, the Liveries megapack may be useful.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT LOADING FLIGHT PLANS: Due to the nature of how FS2020 loads flight plans, if you load the plans in the sim, it will place you on the runway. If you CHANGE your spawn location, the flight plan will either turn into a straight “DIRECT GPS” line flight, or your autopilot might not follow it. We suggest leaving the flight plan as it is, spawn on the runway and park somewhere nearby.

FLIGHT PLAN: final version coming soon

Here is the flight plan for Saturday’s event
Spain Leg 10 - VFR LESW (Aerodromo De Piedrahita) to LPMU (Mogadouro).pln (21.0 KB)