Spain Bush Flying Tour - Leg 17 - Monte Perdido, Aneto and Andorra

Flight Length: 190 nm; approx 2.5 hours
Altitude: 12 000ft max
Aircraft Type: Cubs, Cessnas, Caravans, Bonanzas, anything that can land and take off on short spots
Cruising Speed: around 110 ktas
Time & Weather Setting: 12PM-3PM; Scattered Clouds recommended, but optional
Multiplayer Settings: All Players
Date: Saturday, March 20th
Start Time: 19:00 ZULU
Comms: “Event Flight” voice channel on the MSFS Bush Pilots Discord Server. Setting Push To Talk is recommended.

It’s 100% Pyrenees time, and STOL is the keyword as the trip weaves around steep valleys and rugged peaks down to the foot of the hills and then back again to Andorra’s airport, Seo de Urgel. Sights include the stunning Monte Perdido range; Pico de Aneto, the highest peak in the Pyrenees; and a cluster of charming, hand crafted and fictional bush strips to land on along the way.
Please make sure to grab the addons below to experience the airstrips along the trip.

In-Flight Entertainment
For voice chat please join the Event Flights voice channel on the discord server.
There will be short off-field landings along the trip. We recommend turning crash damage OFF.

Recommended Addons

See the #addons channel on MSFS Bush Pilots Discord server for recommended planes, mods, liveries and UI tweaks. Even if you don’t use all of them, it’s practical to have the airplane mods to avoid seeing brown Bonanzas.

We recommend NOT changing the spawn location before loading in, as it can possibly overwrite the flight plan, turning it into a straight DIRECT GPS flight, or the autopilot will not follow it. Leave the flight plan as is, spawn on the runway and park somewhere nearby.

Spain Leg 17 - VFR LFJN (Argeles-Gazost Airport) to LESU (Seo De Urgel).pln (24.0 KB)


For the bush strips you need to unzip and copy all 12 folders from the above link into your community folder. See the below screenshot to check how it should look like in your world map.

Here is the flight plan for this event:

Spain Leg 17 - VFR LFJN (Argeles-Gazost Airport) to LESU (Seo De Urgel).pln (24.0 KB)