Spain simmers there?

Hi guys, are there others Spain-based simmers wishing to join in discord for VFR flying?

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I created a channel on Discord to chat (in spanish, english or both…): feel free to join at the link and have some fun flying around Spain.

We can organise some VFR fly-in to check the Spanish landscape.

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Hi. Your invitation is no longer valid. Please send another one. Thanks.

Here is the discord link for spanish aviators , ill be waiting here :slight_smile: AVIADORES

I am not Spanish or of Spanish heritage. But I was stationed at torrrejon Air Base Spain, in the Air Force, I think the base was somewhere South of Madrid. I’ve been trying to locate it on msfs but I seem to be unable to. I would like to have someone with me maybe they could find the base. Anyways I think it has a new name. And is used for civilian flights now but I’m not sure… Poor Spain was under a 7-year drought when I was there. But everything was still beautiful outside of the base. Including Nava Sarada(SP) mountains and places like Benidorm, where all the English girls would spend spring vacation on a nearly all ■■■■ beach.