Spare throttle, etc qudrant, but not USB

I have a spare throttle quadrant. The one I use has an odd connector that plugs direct into the my Logitech yoke so that’s fine. As I have a spare, was thinking I could separate out the left/right engine controls on the bigger airplanes. I’ve looked for a convertor to USB but no idea what to really look for. Anyone know what this type of connector is called?


6 pin mini din

thank you !! So easy to order when you know what to look for. :slight_smile:

I believe another reference , is Ps2. Google Ps2 to usb convertor

Capture ps2

These are passive and loosely connect the outputs of the older device to usb.

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I am not sure that these connections will work. The logitech quadrant with your connector doesn’t have the USB connection capability - it uses the one provided by the yoke. Hence although you will be able to plug this in, I’m not sure it will be recognised as a USB device and actually work. Having said that, then adaptors are pretty cheap, so might be worth a go. The standalone quadrant that logitech sell (although I;ve not actually seen it available to buy anywhere) has a USB connection and therefore is designed as such - that would work of course.

See this link:

I have the same (I think) throttle quadrant with the same 6 din mini to plug into the yoke. Unfortunately the 6 din plug is now slightly busted so won’t plug into the yoke. Any tips on how to replace the plug? (I imagine this is fiddly to say the least and I am no expert on such things…
Cheers, Simon

I did wonder but, yeah, for less than a fiver worth a punt!

Well if my pin -> USB doesn’t work, you can have my spare one!

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