Sparkling pixels

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I dont know how to describe this properly, nor what to search for to see if this has been reported/asked before… I’ve been seeing this phenomenon for a while, I’m unsure when it started, but I’m often seeing “sparkling” pixels that appears to be coming off passing AI aircraft or from trees or other static features when I’m panning around the cockpit, especially when taxiing. My guess is that it’s setting/gpu related, and I would really like some help figuring out which setting to alter to fix this. it’s not game-braking, just annoying and immersion braking. Open the attached photo to full size and look at the wing tips /horizontal stabiliser of the overhead Jet for an example.

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Sit at a taxiway and watch incoming or departing AI aircraft. Taxi along treelines and watch passing trees.

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ASUS ROG STRIX z390-F Gaming
Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz 3.60 GHz
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 dual evo (running at 1950Mhz via GPU Tweak 2)
3440x1440 Svive Pyx34c801 Curved monitor

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Hi, this isn’t new and been discussed in the forum, I’ve also witnessed it myself, but I don’t remember the tread title or outcome.

I haven’t seen this so I’m just guessing here, but it looks a bit like an issue related to temporal AA or similar. My first thought was DLSS artifacts, but DLSS hasn’t been added to the sim yet, right? :smiley:

Are you using DLDSR in the NVIDIA Control Panel? If so my guess would be it’s related to that. Otherwise possibly TAA related, but if so almost everybody should have the same issue, so that sounds unlikely.

Does it tend to only cause trails after moving objects, or is it visible in other (more static) places too?

Thanks for the tips, as far as I can see I’m not using DLDSR (same as DSR-factors?? can’t see anything named DLDSR)

I’t most definitly trails when I’m either moving myself, or AI is passing, I haven’t seen this when both myself and the object is static. My last observation was just now, when parking. The Windshield wiper left a green pixel trail when turning in to park.

a issue at least known since SU5, occues with upsampling and temporal anti-aliasing

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I call it AA ghosting. It’s almost certainly to do with TAA and is really really noticeable in cloudy weather. I have my render scale set to 100% and don’t use DLSDR, so am not sure upscaling is the problem.

I believe there’s nothing we can do in the settings etc to change or get rid of it. It’s an engine thing and I understand only Asobo can do anything about it.

I find it pretty annoying and a bit of an immersion squasher to be honest.

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I’m seeing this same issue on the Xbox Series X after the update yesterday. It definitely ruins the sim immersion.

It is not TAA/TAAU ghosting, it’s because of the clouds. With Sim Update 5, Asobo added occlusion culling to the cloud rendering (and frustum culling with a newer update), which means they are not rendered behind other objects to save on performance. But since the clouds rely on temporal accumulation to be rendered, it means they are subject to these artifacts in motion.

The following videos are taken with TAA disabled. In fact, TAA helps mask those artifacts a little, and also a higher resolution and frame rate will help as well.

Of course, this was not an issue before Sim Update 5.


This is caused by the raymarching clouds, i don’t know if they can fix it.

I think it has to do with the frequency they re-draw the clouds. If they make it faster it will probably have a huge performance cost.

why not revert it back? i guess i know… it’s because of the dummed down xbox compatibility.

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The first pic is well…misleading. Those are wingtip vortices.

If you look closely you’ll see that they are blue and green pixel trails The same graphical effect coming off trees as I see when taxiing along a treeline.

These issues are no longer a consern really though, after SU 8 I cant even finish a flight without ctd. But thats for another thread …:confused:

Nothing like that on my system (see profile for specs).

I’d say a system related issue.

If you read the thread and related threads, you’ll find this is not uncommon.this is just one of many bugs and issues that behaves differently for different people. Good for you that you’re on of those without this issue :slight_smile: