Specific Icon in menu missing like start/stop

I see lot of simmers having an Icon in their menu list like play/stop sim displayed. I cannot find this menu item.
What I’m I missing here?
Thanks for helping here.

What menu? Are you referring to the active pause button in the handlebar menu?

The wording isn’t very clear

The menu of MSFS 2020 PC at top of screen where you can choose stuff like ATC, MAP, Weather and so on

That is the handlebar menu yes. And it’s present any time you are in the world. If the active pause button isn’t in your handlebar, click the cog icon and turn it on in the drop down list of options to add to said handlebar menu.


Hi AHal
Thanks for the response. Could not found on drop down list of options anything that creates the pause Icon. But found that my mod notoolbarhandle has hided this specific icon. As soon as I disabled the mod, the icon appeared agin in the handlebar menu.

Thanks anyway


Do you mean this?

If so, that’s not the problem. I use this mod and still have active pause button available.

It’s probably what @AHal said, you need to open the farthest right button in that top menu (cog icon) and make sure Active Pause is ticked on.

  1. As I already mentioned before, after pressing cog there is no option for anything like Pause.
  2. Every option has a switch which shows status enabled/disabled and I cannot find s.th. in relation pause.

So It must be something default that are not controlled by option.
Show me your screenshot with the pause option otherwise I think there is none.

I was using a different mod before and if I’m switching to the mod you mentioned it works.
So apparently the mod I used before was the culprit.

Ah OK so yes it was a different mod that does the same thing. I’m not on PC now but sounds like you’re sorted :slight_smile:

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