Spectacular Iceland

I never knew Iceland was visually so extraordinary! Yesterday I incidentally saw images of Iceland and decided I MUST go and check it out. And I was not disappointed. I did a flight along the south coast from Keflavik (BIKF) to Fagurhólsmýri (BIFM) and I was stunned. After the flight I had to go look at the area in Google Maps to try and get a sense of whether what I saw in the sim could possibly be real. And yes, it seems like it pretty much DOES look like that.

Some images of my flight

I will certainly be doing some more exploring in the area.


Nice! There are definitely some unusual and unique patterns and textures in the terrain there and a big variety. I’ll have to add it to my list of things to do also. Thanks for sharing!!


Nice find! Too bad MSFS can’t simulate things like the volcano that just erupted there.


Now THAT would have been something!

I’ve always thought Iceland might be a place I’d retire as an ex-pat.
That or Ecuador.