Speed up and slow time (Simrate) on XBOX?

Quick question…

Does anybody know how to speed up and slow time on the XBOX edition? (Simrate)

On PC, apparently you press R and then CTRL + / -. I’m not sure what keys on my controller do this - I have checked the settings and couldn’t find it, unless I missed it.

I’m aware you can skip to another part of the flight, but I would prefer changing the SImrate rather than skipping on some flights.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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I’m not an MSFS xbox user so I’ll explain where you would find the setting on PC, and hopefully it matches up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

If you look in the controller settings page, you should be able to find ones labelled “increase simrate” and “decrease simrate”. You may have to toggle between assigned/all bindings to find them.


Yeah, I know.

Go to control options, in ‘search by name’ type “SIM” and the options should populate. To increase speed I mashed a b x and y and to decrease, I mashed LT LB RT RB


Thank you!! Found it and it works - amazing.

Thanks for your responses guys.


I finally got this programmed to my keyboard to get working, however, there seems to be no display to see at what multiplier for speed you are at. Can anyone tell me how to get back to normal speed? Right now I can slow back down, but have no idea if I am back to normal, slower than normal or still slightly faster than normal. Just tested quickly this morning so sorry if this is a bit of a dumb question.

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No it’s a great question as I am unsure as well

If the plane you are flying in has a clock, look at the seconds on the clock. The clock moves according to the sim rate.

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You could also look at your beacon and strobe flashes. There are a few third party apps as well.

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I’ve looked all over this site and while finding lots of mention of SIMRATE working for people, perhaps with some problems with autopilot or timers etc, but it won’t work at all for me. I’m on an XBOX-S and after looking at utube vids I mapped keys to increase or decrease simrate. I tried hitting R followed by plus or minus. Mapped ALT-R-numpad+ etc but nothing works. Does it work on the xbox?


You can of course just use a wireless keyboard (and mouse) for the XBox. All the PC keyboard shortcut bindings are then available on XBox.

So for some reason it’s working this morning! Maybe the restart did it. So yes I do have a keyboard and mouse, really wouldn’t want to run flight sim without those. The rate steps are big enough that it does seem pretty obvious when you are back to normal rate but a rate reset would be a nice feature.