Speyer Airport (EDRY) for Germany

This Thread should be a Petition to handcraft Speyer EDRY airport into MSFS with the Germany part of World Update VI.

With the Technic Museum focussed around aviation

and the dome of speyer

being parts of the actual approach procedure



this airport has deserved the attention to become a landing challenge and being handcrafted with its important surroundings as a center hub of beatuty of the Rhein river. Or being implemented by a thrid party developer like in X-Plane 11 EDRY Speyer - Scenery Packages (v11,v 10, v9) - X-Plane.Org Forum

How about that for a start?

Thats a wonderful mod but an official implementation would be more desirable so other ppl might also see speyer and not just yourself.

Hi there,
I have moved this post to Wishlist so that people can vote on it.

I would buy it :slight_smile: I am waiting for the Airport too. I live near Speyer and want a handcrafted EDRY and the Dome