Spikes on Terrain and and Mesh Problems - Global

Here you go. On runway 26 – no spikes or weird hills.

***keep in mind I am on 4k HDR so video will look washed out because I can’t figure out how to capture HDR.

Weird - i get these sitting on the runway in Edinburgh but as soon as I take off and appraoch they disappear


Ottawa International airport CYOW, fly 301 degrees and you will get numerous spikes. Ottawa is the Canadian capital.


I can confirm these are there for me as well.

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I encountered a large spike off the end of Rwy 22 at MSP, to the east of Mall of America

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I think this bug might be connected with this one:

I don’t know what is Asobo doing but I had this problem way before this update, except with loading the landmarks. Half of them didn’t load for me until I got very close to them and a lot of them shifted up and down if LOD was less than 200. I think now they messed up terrain data LOD’s


As I posted in the other thread on this same subject (around KDMO or something like that), yes, I also get spikes and plateaus all over the place that go away when I’m nearly on top of them. So, essentially, they never go away.

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I see these spikes as well at various locations where they haven’t been before this latest updates.

Nevertheless I had seen this issue even before the latest update at Page, AZ, near the Dam. But that was the only place I noticed it before - it is much more widespread now.

It seems to be related to inland water bodies and/or POIs.

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Switzerland, Bernese Oberland after the last update. Everywhere funny elevations and cross stripes over the whole scenery. That the mountains are much too round and the patches from Bing do not fit together we leave out :frowning:

46.671153857027385, 7.832791390500616

46.609424516148316, 7.37254594489717

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EDIT: Added Coordinates!


Same here in Germany, before the latest update, that problem hasn’t been there. I hope, Asobo will bring a fix soon. Can’t understand, that this problem hasn’t appeared at the Beta-Test of this update. Might be a problem with the altitude of water areas.


This Update, another total mess. Such a shame.


Austria as well…its unbelievable how they mess up again after their updates…they didnt care about to test it before they release a update. This is pure frustrating…


i reinstall P3D now,want fly over Christmess…
i do not think they fix this Mess before the Holydays :-1:


LOWS also Spikes


Anyone who says cyberpunk 2077 is not good has not seen this here yet :angry:.


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Asobo, please fix it immediately! -Thx a lot! :pray:


Guys stop being too dramatic like is the end of the world. They will issue a hottix definitely. However we should understand these developers are human and they deserve their time off for Christmas and holidays.